Executive Search

Executive Search


We know the pressure you’re under to find leaders who fit in with your organization and make it stand out. PSE Global International offers the most validated search approach, deep knowledge of your industry, and innovative science and analytics.


  • So you can make the best possible decision for the long term, the first time. Our search professionals:
  • Understand the issues and opportunities within your industry. 
  • Appreciate your corporate culture. 
  • Recognize the challenges that are unique to your organization. 
  • Know the candidates who are best suited to lead the way forward.
  • The science of recruiting success


When you use our Head Hunters you don't just hire from a selection of applicant's CVs, instead, you hire the absolute best candidate for you amongst the top tier talent! A targeted quality attraction for your business. We have spent many years building strong networks of contacts globally and we have unrivaled market knowledge and expertise, putting us in the best position to know exactly which candidates will be right for your team.


Executive search is not simply about acquiring talent but requires the skilled management of a complex process that involves a deep understanding of the culture and motivation of our clients and the candidates with whom we interact, allied to our deep knowledge of the marketplace. The direction of executive search has moved from knowing where to look for talent to adding value at every step of the process by expertly marrying the expectations of both the client and the candidates and matching talent to the business’ goals, culture, and future strategy. It also means adding real value and offering genuine choice.


Simply meeting the brief, whilst essential, is no longer enough. Diversity is not a mantra, but part of a cohesive effort to reflect the changing face of business and to give our clients the best choices. We believe that talent transcends boundaries and it is right to challenge preconceptions. We believe in regular and comprehensive communication with both clients and candidates reflecting honesty and clarity.


Pace and speed are virtues of quality and are key to success. Imagination, flair, and effort all play their essential part. No matter how good the technical approach, we are dealing with people. We never lose sight of that human touch. Equally, we need to know what our sectors and markets are doing – and also what keeps their leaders awake at night. By combining these skills we go the extra step and aim to delight rather than simply please – and ensure that clients give us repeat mandates. Long standing relationships, rather than transactional work, benefits us all.


Our reputation in the Middle East and globally is second to none. We are not so large as to confine our operations through excessive off limits, but have critical mass and are sector leaders in a number of areas. We are also unusual in having a strong presence from consultants that have worked in all the geographical regions that they hire for and we’ll and specialist in their industry.


We make a real impact to our clients and provide an exceptional service. Nothing matters more to us than that. You choose the best for your business from the top tier talent We use strong research techniques, market mapping, personality profiling, psychometric and detailed graded interviewing - and our own proven Head Hunting methodology.


We have successfully delivered to many multinational and SME clients across the UK, MENA, and Europe. Guaranteed Long Term Results, many of our clients come back time and again, we stand by our work and offer a full guarantee on success. The reason we find people typically choose to use us is because of their prior hiring failures, a lack of rigour from other recruitment firms, a shortage of amazing candidates in their interviews and having previously made a mistake in hiring someone who looked good, but was in fact only good against the rest of the interviewees!


If you want the best to maximise your business success we look forward to working with you, please get in touch using the details above. Enjoy success and peace of mind.

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