FMCG Recruitment Services

The FMCG in the Middle East sector is concerned with manufacturing, promotion and selling of non-durable products. The non-durable product category comprises clothing, packaged frozen food, dairy products, meat produce, chemical products, telecoms, clothing, luxury items and more.


FMCG has emerged as a significant business sector in the Middle East period and requires professional and experienced manpower to serve the Middle East competently.  PSE Global International serves employers within the Middle East with the recruitment of proficient and experienced manpower in different levels of FMCG sector.  Our FMCG consultants work across a number of industries throughout the Middle East. 


This is a growing sector and roles typically include Sales Directors, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Care, Account Management, Country Managers, Marketing and Sales Professionals. Working in tandem with our clients and candidates produces the best results for both.  Making the most of the latest talent acquisition sites, our extensive database of Middle East Candidates and social media we consistently find the quality of candidates that can’t be otherwise found.


PSE Global International is the recruitment partner in the Middle East to a diverse client base ranging from leading market brand leaders, luxury goods, telecoms, sales, marketing, distribution, product development and store management. We specialise within the Middle East, supplying FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) professionals.    


With a network that extends throughout the Middle East, our FMCG industry knowledge and expertise is second to none. As a client, by working with us we’ll ensure you have consistent access to top FMCG professional talent, guaranteeing your success and growth in a competitive market within the Middle East.




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