Health, Fitness, Leisure & Beauty 


PSE Global International has developed a proactive, highly experienced team in this fast-growing, continually widening area in the Middle East.


PSE Oman and PSE Middle East have  enjoyed great success in finding passionate candidates who want to work within the sport and leisure industry and possess a natural inclination for this sector.


PSE is designed to offer a broad spectrum of health promotion recruitment, Fitness, Beauty and Sports opportunities not only in Oman but throughout the Middle East.


As a leading recruitment and manpower provider to the Leisure and Fitness sector, our Recruitment Services features fully qualified health and fitness personnel for spas, beauty salons, sports clubs, quality fitness jobs, health promotion job postings, corporate wellness employment opportunities, or other fitness, beauty, health and leisure staff positions.


Employers can have access to our large database of fitness, beauty, leisure and sporting professionals. Thousands of qualified health and fitness candidates are seeking positions for corporate fitness, personal training, club management, health promotion, spa and beauty,


Our personal trainers help to educate their clients in exercising correctly. They create bespoke workout plans which aid their clients in achieving specific goals, such as gaining muscle or losing fat.


The majority of employers desire their personal trainers to possess a level qualification in personal training and/or a bachelor's degree in a discipline related to sport and fitness is an advantage. In addition to providing evidence of their formal qualifications, candidates may be required to successfully complete a practical examination before being offered employment as a personal trainer. Employers also look for excellent observational and listening skills in their personal training staff.


The world of corporate fitness also provides job roles to personal trainers who are experienced in optimising wellness in the workplace. 


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